Friday, May 25, 2007


My blog is now at: HERE



Moving Day

Hello! I am Leslie. You may have heard me referred to repeatedly in this blog as Meleah's on call tech support type person. I have finally convinced her to BUY a domain name, HOST her own blog and let me help her with trolls, spam, viruses and other things the experienced blogger with actual readers has to deal with.

So today I have hijacked her blog! You can now read her posts at her new site:



YES, I am working on a better design for her - it's just blue right now while I make a pretty one. Her new look, complete with logo and header, will be up by the end of this weekend. Bear with the uncool blue for a day or so.

There are no more anonymous comments. If you want to leave a comment and don't want people to know your real email because you surf from work, get a GMAIL or HOTMAIL account to leave, and use your first name or initials, NOT anonymous. Y'all should have SEEN the amount of crap comments and abusive SPAM she was getting, seriously.

I will be deleting the archives here today so that they don't conflict with the new blog, so if you have a favorite post you're missing, go to the new URL. :)

The import got most of the old comments, but I'm sure it skipped a few - feel free to re-comment on an old post on the new blog if yours is missing.

If you see an error I'm not catching let me know at lpphoenix at gmail dot com (I already know the formatting for the posts I imported is a little weird - working on it).